Sunday, November 29, 2009

WOW... blogging from flickr.... he he he

night, originally uploaded by mark currie photos.

look at this!! its quite nice isnt it.


New Summer Projects

since art shcool has now finished I am planning some new projects for the summer. One of them is a very large drawing/painting on a table-top which is very circle, it will be the largest scale that i have ever worked with, its probly not that big.... but is good enough for me.

Aother thing I have started... is going to be great, its TOP SECRET at the moment, but is something i havnt seen befor... maybe...

ALSO....... me and carmen are planning to make a amazing amazing time capsual.

Monday, November 9, 2009


this is a small collection of 2 guns that I have in my collections. I painted one of them gold so it would look a bit cooler! this collection is only 3 photographs. because I dont have a set amount of things that have to be collections, a collection can be 2 or more i recon.

printed photos are nice

i have photos printed for site now! they are good! i am playing around with the display at the moment!!! looking good though!

i like them being all mixed up!

Friday, November 6, 2009


I am VERY happy with these guns. I like the colours and the way they are in the square format.

a coll ection of 2 guns. the third is the same gun but just a detail.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009



1. A place or collection containing records, documents, or other materials of historical interest. Often used in the plural: old land deeds in the municipal archives.

2. Computer Science

a. A long-term storage area, often on magnetic tape, for backup copies of files or for files that are no longer in active use.

b. A file containing one or more files in compressed format for more efficient storage and transfer.

3. A repository for stored memories or information: the archive of the mind.

tr.v. ar·chived, ar·chiv·ing, ar·chives

1. To place or store in an archive.

2. Computer Science To copy or compress (a file) into an archive.


here is one collection. there is 7 of them.

I have come back to my collection of collections.

I collect things... everyone collects things! My collection is going to be a collection of my own collections, both collections of photos i take and photos of collections that i have...... just everyday things.
a collection i have is a slide collection, the slides are of peoples holidays. i dont know who the people are in them, i just bought the slides in an op-shop then re-photographed them by holding them up to a light. It gave me a 'pinhole' kind of peep-hole image.

also a collection of coasters that i got once, they are my favorate coasters. they are of oil things in the ocean.

im enjoying collections, i have lots of stuff that i dont ever get to use.
im just making a big collection archive thing.
next i am going to look at ways of archiving images.